Pizza Nostra was founded in 2015 by brothers Marco and Andrea Grande. Marco and Andrea were raised in the food industry, working from an early age with their father, Rosario, at his butcher shop on Jane Street in Toronto.


Marco brings with him his passion for quality and his experience as a butcher. He knows how to bring out the best of every cut of meat. Every hoagie he makes is filled with meat that he has cut and prepared himself. Marco has been making his own sausages and cured meats for years - an artisanal talent he brings with him to Pizza Nostra.


Andrea's passion for food and zest for life led him from his father's butcher shop to his cousin's pizzeria in New Jersey. There he learned the pizza business and successfully ran it for years. Andrea perfected their pizza recipe and built a reputation for delicious, high-quality pies - a reputation he'll build on back home in Ontario.


Together, Marco and Andrea are committed to providing the highest quality ingredients, many of which are hand-made or hand-cut in house. They are firm believers in the value of small-batch, hand-crafted foods that are made with passion. The Grande brothers look forward to serving you for years to come!


Chicken Wings
Chicken wings come with blue cheese, carrots, and celery.
Chicken Tenders & Wedges
Two huge, juicy tenders plus spice-rubbed wedges and a dipping sauce
Slice pies
Slice pies ready to be eaten!
Veal Rapini Hoagie
Veal Rapini Hoagie - veal cutlet, rapini, and mozzarella
Big Marc Pizza
Big Marc Pizza - ground beef, onions, cheddar, Big Marc sauce, lettuce, pickles, sesame seed crust
Veggie Pizza
Our veggie pizza with rapini, red onions, and roasted red peppers
Sausage and black olives
Hot sausage and black olives
Cheese Pizza
Cheese slice pie
Chicken Parm
Chicken Parm Hoagie - chicken cutlet, tomato sauce, mozzarella
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